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Hello there, and welcome to our little home on the web! We are a small but highly skilled team residing here in the beautiful spa town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire; famous for its water, the great Yorkshire flower show and of course Betty’s Tea!

Despite the many digital agencies here in Harrogate, it’s not somewhere that is recognised as a ‘hub’ for online marketing, webdesign etc, we plan to change that (at least from an SEO point of view!).

If your no entirely sure what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it’s the process of optimising content from user-generated analytics data and working within Google’s Webmaster Guidelines; this includes, ensuring your site structure is optimal, content is fully indexable, among many others technical elements (our site audits include over 100 different checks).

What Do We Do?

We do two things and two things only but we do them very well, we don’t claim to know it all like some of the SEO agencies in Harrogate (and around the world!), instead we choose to concentrate and specialise in two key areas, this allows us to deliver the very best service without spreading ourselves to thinly.

Here’s what we do…

Technical Site Audits

‘Technical SEO’ has and will be around forever, this is undisputed. Search engines such as Google are work on a crawling and indexing basis and they do this using nothing more than complex computer programs, these programs need help to do their job sufficiently, and this is where we come in.

Not only will we provide an in-depth technical SEO audit but we will also b on hand to offer you any needed support and guidance, we are quite happy working with external agencies or in-house departments/persons.

Link Removals/Penalty Recoveries

Over the last few years Google’s algorithm’s have become more and more complex and they’re now actively penalising websites  in varying degrees, these include a number of different manual penalties, as well as algorithmic penalties known as Penguin (a link penalty) and Panda (a duplicate content penalty), try to forgive Google’s whimsical side!.

The first thing to do when you suspect a penalty is to try to get confirmation, manual penalties are confirmed within Google Webmaster Tools if you haven’t already, go and register here and check your messages, if you don’t have a message then chances are you don’t have a manual penalty.

Next go here, this a list of known algorithm updates, check for updates coinciding with your sites analytic drops. If your not sure, just drop us a line and we will tell you what the problems are and how to fix them. If you suspect its a content issue, this is addressed within the technical site audit.

Why Work With Us?

We could bore you with how we have worked with multiple big brands and agencies in and around Harrogate or how we have worked with sites varying niches from retail to insurance, we could even tell you how we have increase clients ROI by x%, but lets get to the hard facts.

We concentrate on only two aspects of SEO, link removals/recoveries and site audits.

We use software for the boring manual bits, anything that can be automated that has no bearing on quality is so. This allows us to concentrate on the important stuff.

We don’t use account managers (aka ‘a sales guy’), you’ll talk to one person from start to finish, that’s it.

We work on only a few projects at a time, so work quality is never compromised. (We do lose business due to this as there can be a waiting list from time to time so if your interested getting in touch asap is advised).

Like our website we are no-nonsense! If you are doing something wrong, something need to change or you think you know better, we will put you straight!

If you’ve heard enough or you want more information, see our contact page and get in-touch today!

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